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1321 Red Filley Road, Heber City - Ryan

our passion

Home is a precious place of belonging, memories and refuge. It is where individuals find safety to express and develop their unique identities. It is often where play, learning and work converge. in every day life. Above all, it is where families start, grow and reconnect, and where relationships are forged. A home can undoubtedly be created anywhere, but to do so falls to the occupants as they make a new space their own. To use their passions, imaginations and aspirations to shape a home into a personal sanctuary for all who reside there.

To that end, Timber Creek Custom Homes embraces each opportunity to build a home as a duty and responsibility. A privilege to work side-by-side with our clients to assemble a house worthy of their dreams. As craftsmen, at our core is our love of quality in strength, functionality and, of course, beauty. We refuse to produce anything less than our best work while never losing sight of the other two driving forces in construction, time & money. In pursuing our goals, we believe in the absolute highest standards of honesty, integrity and loyalty to our homeowners. We also believe communication is the crucial key to project management and are continually working to perfect collaboration between us, homeowners and our team of tradesmen and contractors.

We accomplish all of this with an exceptional team of talented professionals and a proven system for success.

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