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building process

Whether you are just beginning to explore the idea of building a custom home or have a complete, stamped set of plans, Timber Creek is anxious to help. Below is a brief outline of our process from start to finish.



The primary goal of our initial meeting is to understand your vision for your new home. Needs, wants, styles, phase of life, financial objectives and plans for the future are all topics of conversation. We find that getting us involved early on is tremendously beneficial in incorporating all of those factors into the plan. If you do not have an architect or designer selected, we have many who we have worked with and can direct you to those who will be the best fit for your project.


If you already have completed plans, we review them together and discuss general finishes and features. Following that first meeting and as a free service, we can create a preliminary budget based on square footage, simple dimensions from your drawings and allowances for selections. Using a database of current and recent prices we help you make informed decisions. The purpose of this number is to give you a "ballpark" expectation of what your project will cost. It is not a bid. Instead, it is a tool to help you gage if your project is somewhat in line with your financial goals.

Pre-Construction & Contract

Next, we review our general contract that defines the terms of our agreement from excavation to occupancy. This contract governs the project and defines the duties and responsibilities of Timber Creek as well as the financial terms of the project. The retainer is based on the overall estimated cost of the project and is credited back over the course construction. We facilitate communication between all parties including architects, designers, government, HOAs, etc.. It can be a rigorous and time-consuming process, but planning and preparation are key. With our years of experience, we alleviate the headache by managing all of the tedious procedural, technical and legal details of this phase.  Preferably, we start the journey with you during design and attend as many meetings with your architect as required and make recommendations to ensure your dream is on track structurally, financially and aesthetically. Upon completion of the plans, we compile the longs list of additional requirements from the municipality and HOA. Again, we guide your home through the system until it is approved and ready to begin construction. 

Budget & Financing

While working on attaining a permit, we will utilize the finalized engineered plans to establish a budget. This contract defines the terms of our agreement from excavation to occupancy. Your initial deposit will carry through to this agreement. We begin by identifying as many finishes and features as possible to formulate a budget based on sub-contractor bids and selection allowances. Just like the design process, we revisit each line item until it is a realistic number reflecting your expected level of finishes and your overall investment goal. If you are using a lender, this final budget is used to secure a construction loan. We work with you through the rest of that approval process as needed. During this period, we introduce you to our web-based management program. 

Communications & Selections

Before breaking ground, we provide you with a login to our management program. Successful management is mainly informed decisions combined with clear communication. You will find this program facilitates both while being extremely easy to use. Along with many other features, it tracks your selections complete with due dates for all of the choices require to complete your home. All your decisions are easily managed and tracked using our management program which you can edit and update at your convenience. If you are using an interior designer, they will also be able to use this system. We provide locations of showrooms and dozens of contacts to assist you. Together, we collaborate with our suppliers and tradesmen to make sure everything comes together perfectly and on-time. In addition, we hold regular weekly meetings to keep you well informed.


When all of the pieces are in place, we begin construction. This is the exciting part! We work closely with our incredible team of subcontractors and vendors to certify accuracy. Changes and unforeseen items are inevitable in any custom home so we continue to communicate often to keep you informed of all the details. We look for every opportunity to expediate your home and continue to identify savings opportunities while never sacrificing quality. At our weekly meetings, we confirm selections, walk-through the project together and review the budget and upcoming week. You will also have access to progress photos via our online tools.

Warranty & Beyond

At the end of this great process, you get to move-in and enjoy your new home! In addition to a binder containing manuals and product information, you continue to communicate with us online. We manage any warranty items for the next 12 months through that same portal and even offer property maintenance services beyond that for your convenience.


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